Dominique HAASDominique HAAS

I'm Dominique Haas, a Freelance Lead Developer.

  • Next.js
  • Node.js
  • Tailwind
  • Typescript

Building amazing Web Apps in React and Mobile Apps in React-Native (with Expo) !

I love building products from A to Z by creating stunning user-experiences that makes you feel WOW!.

I continuously expand my knowledge by exploring and learning about the latest technologies, frameworks, and programming languages.

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Tinuy-an Falls in the Philippines

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Dominique Haas@evild67
I build amazing apps for selected clients ✦
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How can I help?


Web Development

Customized web apps that are visually stunning, high-performing, and securely built to align with my unique business objectives.

Mobile Development

Mobile applications that perfectly corresponds with your specific company objectives, giving a truly unique mobile experience.


I can help you meet business needs with your resources by answering questions, optimizing your engineering team, and offering a development roadmaps.

Frequently asked questions

What services do I provide?
I'm specialize in React and React Native development. I'm committed to generating value by collaborating directly with innovators, makers, and organizations to bring their visions to reality.
What makes me different?
Working with clients who respect their time and product as much as I do is a priority for me. Unlike companies that provide infinite services with a cookie-cutter approach, I am committed to offering quality and solutions that correspond with your business objectives.
What is the process of working with you?
My normal method begins with an initial meeting to gather project details and understand your objectives. I then move on to research, ideation, and development iterations, collaborating with you closely for input and approvals. My goal is to guarantee that the project's lifespan is collaborative and transparent.
Do you offer ongoing support after the project is completed?
Yes, I value long-term client relationships and provide post-project support and maintenance services. I'm available to help you with updates, troubleshooting, and future developments long after the project has been completed.