20Mint - A Look Inside the Largest French WEB3 Magazine

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20Mint - A Look Inside the Largest French WEB3 Magazine

As the world constantly evolves, so does the way we consume information. The digital age has made access to knowledge and entertainment easier than ever before, and one of the latest trends in this movement towards more decentralized web content is 20Mint, the largest French WEB3 magazine. As a freelance lead developer, I had the incredible opportunity to work on this project for Capsule Corp Labs and be a part of bringing the magazine to life. In this blog post, I will share with you my experience working on this project and what makes 20Mint so unique.

What is 20Mint?

20Mint is not just another digital magazine; it is a platform that embraces the decentralized nature of WEB3 through a DAO structure that empowers the readers and contributors. Every NFT holder is granted exclusive rights to participate in the selection of articles and contributors through surveys and debates. Decentralized platforms like this are making the web more accessible, trustworthy, and community-driven.

Being a Lead developer on this project, I had to make sure the platform was intuitive and robust enough to handle all the traffic and simultaneous user activities. The challenge was to balance the complexity of the DAO structure and make it user-friendly for both experienced and new users.

The magazine's content covers diverse topics like technology, culture, politics, blockchain, and lifestyle, catering to a wide range of audiences. What sets 20Mint apart is the community-driven approach that emphasizes readers' and contributors' preferences, amplifying their voices and making the magazine truly inclusive. As users create and vote on proposals, decisions are made collectively, promoting transparency, and eliminating bias. This collaborative process ensures that the magazine stays fresh, relevant, and engaging.

Building 20Mint was a challenging but rewarding task. My role as a Lead developer was to ensure the platform's functionality, security, and smooth performance, from the front-end design to the back-end integrations.

20Mint Tech Stack

  • React (Next.js)

    Robust and efficient framework for creating dynamic and interactive user interfaces. Next.js offers server-side rendering capabilities, optimizing performance and enhancing SEO-friendliness.

  • Stitches

    A CSS-in-JS solution, was selected to style 20 Mint. Its powerful features enable modular and component-based styling, making it easier to maintain and scale the application's design system. Stitches also offers strong typing support and runtime performance optimizations.

  • PostgreSQL

    Database technology for 20 Mint due to its reliability, scalability, and extensive data management capabilities. With its support for complex queries, transactional integrity, and data durability, PostgreSQL ensures efficient and secure storage and retrieval of data for the application.

20Mint is an exciting magazine and platform that shows how decentralization can empower readers and content creators. As a Lead developer on this project, I am glad to have been part of building the infrastructure that makes this possible. The community-backed approach is what makes 20Mint unique, and with the NFT holders' influence, it can continue to evolve and grow. As the world shifts towards decentralization, 20Mint puts readers and contributors at the forefront, and this is what makes it worth checking out.